UDI’S Super-New Products

Exciting news! There are even more products coming to our shelves very soon thanks to UDI’s!

I am oober excited to share with you a few of these products.

The coming soon products in which I have tested with my very professional taste buds are…
GF Milk Chocolate Wafers
GF Blueberry Muffins
GF seeded Bagels

I had my tasting hat on and stuck in immediately!

First up to try had to be the chocolate wafers – who doesn’t want to try chocolate wafers?


I have to say that these were absolutely delicious. Wafers can sometimes be a little dry… but not these ones. I feel they had the right consistency of chocolate and wafer. They were that nice that I accidentally ate them all in one sitting :O (and I could have eaten more)


When are these coming out??? I neeeeeed more

So after trying the wafers I decided to try the muffins (you may get the impression that I prefer sweet to savour – and you would be right). Now, this may surprise you but I have never tried a blueberry muffin. I have only ever eaten chocolate or choc chic muffins. The reason being, I’m not a fan of fruit in my cakes – FACT.


By the way I would like to point out that I did not eat the whole box of wafers and then the muffins straight away. It was at least the next day 🙂
So, I was in a predicament. I had eaten my very healthy dinner and had nothing to snack on afterwards 😦 boohoo for me. I needed something sweet and spotted the blueberry muffins and thought “what the heck!” If I really don’t like the blueberry’s I will just pick them out.

So I opened the packet and stared in amazement at this ball of fluffy sweetness… OK so I didn’t do that. I pretty much just shoved it in my face… and then chewed.

I was actually amazed that I really enjoyed it. The cake was fluffy and light yet full of flavour and the blueberry’s were not overpowering whilst still tastey. I am rather stubborn when it comes to food. If I don’t think I will like it I will never try it. In this case I am glad I proved myself wrong and it’s even more surprising that I would actually buy these over chocolate muffins! Well done UDI’s you have converted me!

The final product I tried was the seeded bagels.


It was probably a bad time to try these as I was due to go shopping and had nothing to eat with the bagels other than butter. So I decided to toast them and smother them in butter.


Unfortunately, I have to say that these are not to my taste – mainly because there was no flavour to them and seemed rather dry. This is probably my fault due to the lack of an interesting topper. Whilst eating them I did think to myself that they would taste rather nice with some lovely jam. I much prefer their cinnamon bagels but saying that. Everyone’s taste is completely different and I am sure there will be many people out there who will enjoy them – I know my mother does!



UDI’s Muffins & Toaster Pastries

The next UDI’s products I am going to review for you is the ‘chocolate chip and Toffee Muffins’ and the Toaster Pastries.

As I my sweet tooth is evolving and starting to take over I will start with the Muffins. Yes you all know already but I will say it again… I am a fussy eater! There are things that I just know I don’t like and will not go near it. For e.g Toffee! I hate toffee! I even hate the smell of Toffee! So it’s pretty safe to say – I didn’t try the Toffee muffin. I did however give it to my little brother to eat and he was more than impressed. He turns his nose up quite regularly to gluten free food but he was happily chomping away on this Toffee Muffin.


The chocolate chip muffin I did however eat. I had no qualms about trying this because I love chocolate chip and I somehow just new I would love this – and I did! UDI’s GF muffins are a lot different to others that I have tried. The sponge is so light and fluffy – it’s so tasty. I am used to GF cakes being quite heavy and packed with ingredients but this was just perfectly cooked. I definite addition to my weekly shop!

Next I am going to tell you about my experience with UDI’s Toaster Pastries.


I kind of new from the looking at the box that these are not really my kind of thing but I still gave them a go. It is hard trying GF food when you have never tried the ‘normal’ version before hand. I had never tried a Toaster Pastry (pop tart) before and I didn’t know what to expect. So I took the first bite and waited to recognise the taste – and I didn’t. I haven’t really tasted anything like it before. The pastry is quite thick compared to the inner filling (in this case strawberry) but it tasted quite nice. Both the Pastry and the filling I couldn’t fault but for some reason it just wasn’t for me. I still cannot say a bad word about it and I am sure there will be many people out there that will enjoy it.

But for now I look forward to trying the next thing on my list! See what else UDI’s range offers