Cheesy Potato Bake, Salmon and Vegetables

Last night I had the urge for cheesy potatoes! I didn’t fancy mash though so I decided to make a cheesy potato bake – however, I didn’t have many ingredients in that would normally be needed in a cheesy bake; for example cream and onions. So I got out what I did have and started cooking and it tasted yummy! You don’t have to go out and buy a load of ingredients just for one meal.

So here it is… (sorry for the poor quality in photography, camera wasn’t near me when I decided to take the photo’s DOH!)

Salmon Fillets
Mixed Vegetables (Frozen)
Olive Oil

Firstly cut your potatoes into thin slices – I used baby potatoes as that’s what I had in the cupboard. Place potatoes into a pan of water and simmer for 10 minutes and then drain. Place 1 Tbsp of oil (I used sunflower oil) into the pan of potatoes and stir so that the oil is evenly placed.

boil potatoes

Prepare your salmon fillets. Place your salmon into lightly wrapped tin foil and pour a tiny bit of water on then so that they do not dry out. Place them to one side.
Grease your baking dish or dishes will butter and place a thin layer of potatoes. Add a few small sprinkles of butter and grate some cheese over the top.


1 layer

Then repeat this method one more time so that you have two layers.

2nd layer

Place your baking dish into a pre-heated oven of 200 degrees along with your salmon. Leave for approximately 20-25 minutes depending on the cooking time of your salmon.

Place the mixed vegetables into boiling water and simmer for 2-5 minutes covered. The time for your vegetables will depend on the brand used – follow the instructions on the packaging.

Drain your veg – take your food out of the oven and voila! Enjoy!



UDI’s Bagel Chips

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about UDI’s being launched in the UK’s Tesco stores. As an American brand they have brought over some products that I haven’t seen on the gluten free market before.

UDI’s kindly sent me some samples to try before Christmas in this lovely box (everybody loves a present!)

Firstly I would like to share with you the first thing from the box that I have tried…Bagel Chips (Cinnamon & Sugar)


You may have already guessed form my previous blogs that I am not very adventurous with my food. I know what I like and I rarely try something new. Which is an extremely bad thing to do as a Coeliac – when you find something new that you can eat – eat it! I also have to add that I am surprisingly not a fan of American food, I mean they put bacon on pancakes!! what is that about? But I am ready and willing to be converted.

I’m not quite sure why I went for the bagel chips first, as I have never tried bagels and I assume they must be quite similar if the name is anything to go by. I have to say they are a very tasty snack! You can taste the cinnamon but it is not overwhelming and I feel this compliments the sugar nicely, however, If you are not a sweet tooth person these may not be for you. As I have said I am not an expert on this type of food so I am not sure how the texture etc. should be but I think they are great. I currently have a box sitting in my draw at work to snack on before lunch. This has given me a bit more of a boost to try the bagels.

I tend to not eat many snacks in the evening so I will be trying a lot of the UDI’s products whilst at work. I am hoping I will find a bunch of new snacks to keep my tummy happy at work!


I am looking forward to trying the Toasted Pastries (aka pop tarts) visit UDI’s to check out their range!

Udi’s Launches in Tesco

US food giant Boulder Brands launches their large range of gluten free foods in the UK including bagels, breads, muffins, breakfast bars and snacks.

US gluten-free foods giant Boulder Brands has recently launched its Udi’s gluten-free bakery range in Tesco supermarkets nationwide. Now after seeing the news I immediately went online and had a mooch to see what they had to offer. There are quite a few things that I haven’t seen in supermarkets before, such as; mince pies, apple & cinnamon pastries and bagels.
Bread, breakfast bars, granola, muffins and crisps are also included in this range.
cranberry granola

When this was announced I saw the world most ridiculous comment
“Why are we bringing in food from the states – there are plenty of gluten free breads available in the UK”

I say the more companies that want to sell gluten free foods the better! Udi’s is the No. 1 gluten-free brand in the USA and the world’s largest online gluten-free community. Why would we not want them in the UK?? It is always amazing to see gluten free ranges in supermarkets grow and I am very excited to nip to Tesco to try some out.

Nineteen gluten-free products are heading the UK’s way but they plan to launch up to 50 more throughout the next year. Hopefully they will be launching in more supermarkets and helping to grow accessibility to their range.

As soon as I try one of their products out I will let you know how it goes!


Heinz Gluten Free Pasta Review

The best thing about food shopping is going to the tiny free from section and finding that there are new items! It can seriously cure a bad day and that is exactly what happened this weekend. There have been a few new products recently – which is amazing because you can slowly see more brands introducing gluten free food.

This week I saw and decided to buy Heinz Gluten Free Penne Pasta.
Usually I will use Juvela pasta or if I run out of that I will get Asda’s own Gluten Free Pasta. But its always exciting to try something new, so here is a tiny review on my first Heinz Gluten Free experience.

Firstly the size of the packaging was quite large, and there was a decent amount of pasta inside. Which may seem like an obvious thing to say but sometimes large brands only like to fill the bag half way. The pasta cooked really well – occasionally if gluten free pasta is cooked too quickly it can become ‘glumpy’ but this was fine. Also once cooked the pasta pieces expanded really well and I was actually quite shocked how big the pasta was! It’s like ‘real’ pasta!

Oh and I should probably tell you how it tasted. It was great. I mean I haven’t tasted any bad gluten free pasta as of yet but this pasta I really enjoyed. It didn’t seem like I was eating free from and I get kind of excited when I know I have it for lunch! So overall a big thumbs up for Heinz!

The Heinz free from range is expanding and they bringing out some really great stuff. I am excited to see where this goes and hopefully other big brands will notice and also start to do it. This can only bring great things!