Gluten Free Wrap at Costa Coffee

In the run up to Awareness Week, Costa Coffee announced the launch of their brand new Gluten Free wrap! Wow! Finally somewhere we can actually pop into for a quick bite whilst out shopping! (not that I shop a lot..cough cough).

Chicken and Basil Wrap

The chicken and basil wrap has been accredited by Coeliac UK and is also dairy free. Some people might be thinking – so what? It’s just one wrap. But to us Coeliac’s it’s not just a wrap. This is the start of a gluten free revolution… or in other words, gluten free fast food. We, like everyone else deserve to go into a coffee shop, resturaunt or store and be able to eat something. This one wrap is something (and it looks really yummy).

Costa are also in the process of creating some gluten free treats to roll out in their stores. The classic cherry bakewell and chocolate brownies. I am looking forward to my next trip to costa and can not wait to try the wrap!

This is exactlty what we want Awareness Week to achieve – Gluten Free Guarentee.



Coeliac Awareness Week! – Gluten-free guarantee

Coeliac UK Awareness WeekToday marks the beginning of Coeliac Awareness Week!

This year’s Awareness Week focuses on the availability of gluten-free food in stores and takes place from 12-18 May. This is really important as we need to be able to buy gluten free food where-ever we shop! So let’s make everyone aware of Coeliac Disease and make it happen!

Here’s some information from Coeliac UK

What’s it about?

We know that when it comes to food shopping, many of you encounter difficulties when searching for gluten-free staple items such as bread, crackers, cereal and rolls and you often have to visit more than one supermarket to finish your shopping which can be frustrating and time consuming.

Availability of gluten-free food is high on our agenda – and yours. Supermarkets are offering more and more products which are suitable for your diet, but we’re asking them to go a step further and sign up to our Gluten-free Guarantee which means having eight core gluten-free items available in their stores so that you can manage your condition more easily.

What will the supermarkets be signing up to?

Our Members, together with the advice of healthcare professionals, have told us about the key items they need to maintain a gluten-free diet. From this, we created a core basket of gluten-free food that we want the supermarkets to guarantee to be in store. This basket is made up from:
•fresh white bread
•fresh brown bread
•bread rolls
•breakfast cereals
•cereal bars.

We need you

Order your pack for ideas so you can help us make this initiative a success. Many of us asking about gluten-free food demonstrates demand and will help us as we talk to the retailers. You can help to support our Awareness Week when you’re next shopping for food by:
•letting your supermarket know about the demand for gluten-free food using the materials in your Awareness Week pack
•asking your local dietitian to support you by running one of our Store Tours
•use our supermarket card to tell us what’s available in your local supermarket
•holding an information stand in your local supermarket and give out our leaflets and symptom cards.

There are also other ways in which you can support our Awareness Week:
•take on the challenge of one of our Awareness Week walks with HF Holidays to fundraise and have fun at the same time.
•keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages and spread the word by retweeting our statuses and sharing our photos to help us reach more people

If you are running or attending an event this week then let Coeliac UK know at

Poisoned by Gluten!

I have been poisoned with Gluten!!! How? you might ask… I DON’T KNOW 😦

I woke up at 1:30am in agony and recognised the pain straight away. As I have not been in his much pain for so long I think it is even worse than it has ever been! I remembered what I needed to do to help ease the pain… Take some strong pain killers and roll into a ball with my knees into my chest.

And now, at 8:50am I am still in pain! I am having painkillers every four hours to ease it but I am so angry and annoyed! I am so careful to make sure everything I eat is Gluten Free and free from contamination. I am now using my investigation skills to find out who has poisoned me – first stop the work canteen!

I don’t think people realise the importance of Coeliac’s not eating gluten. It is extremely painful! I am actually lucky that the pains started so early in the morning which has given me the chance to have painkillers and get myself into work – otherwise I would not have been able to walk and would have lost a days pay!

OK my rant is over now!

Remember – Check your food like a hawk!

Bella Italia loses loyal customer to Ask Italian

So it’s pretty obvious what I am going to say at the end of this little tale but I’m going to tell you anyway!

So this weekend myself and my boyfriend Chris went shopping. As a Coeliac when you are out it can be hard finding something to eat – you can’t just pop to Gregg’s! So we got hungry and decided to go to our favourite restaurant – Bella Italia, for some lovely pasta.

When we got there I asked for a gluten free menu and was told that they are out of date but I can have any topping of pizza on a gf base and any sauce with gf pasta. I knew this wasn’t true as many of the sauces and toppings have gluten in but I always ordered the same thing anyway and knew they did a gluten free Carbonara – yum!

So when I ordered my food I was told that they now use flour in ALL creamy pasta sauces – What the hell? Aren’t restaurants suppose to be improving their gluten free choices not making fewer!

I am beyond annoyed and have to say to you Bella Italia – you have lost a very loyal customer!

So anyway, after I was told about the flour we decided to leave and go across the road to Ask Italian. I have never eaten here before so I asked if they had a GF menu and they did! Not only did they have a menu but it was an actual menu – not just a Piece of paper with GF options on it.

Of corse I ordered the Carbonara and it was actually quite nice! I am used to a certain carbonara so it was different – but still nice!

br />

The service was fantastic and I will definitely be going there more often.

5 stars for Ask Italian – keep up with the GF!!<

UDI’s Muffins & Toaster Pastries

The next UDI’s products I am going to review for you is the ‘chocolate chip and Toffee Muffins’ and the Toaster Pastries.

As I my sweet tooth is evolving and starting to take over I will start with the Muffins. Yes you all know already but I will say it again… I am a fussy eater! There are things that I just know I don’t like and will not go near it. For e.g Toffee! I hate toffee! I even hate the smell of Toffee! So it’s pretty safe to say – I didn’t try the Toffee muffin. I did however give it to my little brother to eat and he was more than impressed. He turns his nose up quite regularly to gluten free food but he was happily chomping away on this Toffee Muffin.


The chocolate chip muffin I did however eat. I had no qualms about trying this because I love chocolate chip and I somehow just new I would love this – and I did! UDI’s GF muffins are a lot different to others that I have tried. The sponge is so light and fluffy – it’s so tasty. I am used to GF cakes being quite heavy and packed with ingredients but this was just perfectly cooked. I definite addition to my weekly shop!

Next I am going to tell you about my experience with UDI’s Toaster Pastries.


I kind of new from the looking at the box that these are not really my kind of thing but I still gave them a go. It is hard trying GF food when you have never tried the ‘normal’ version before hand. I had never tried a Toaster Pastry (pop tart) before and I didn’t know what to expect. So I took the first bite and waited to recognise the taste – and I didn’t. I haven’t really tasted anything like it before. The pastry is quite thick compared to the inner filling (in this case strawberry) but it tasted quite nice. Both the Pastry and the filling I couldn’t fault but for some reason it just wasn’t for me. I still cannot say a bad word about it and I am sure there will be many people out there that will enjoy it.

But for now I look forward to trying the next thing on my list! See what else UDI’s range offers

UDI’s Bagel Chips

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about UDI’s being launched in the UK’s Tesco stores. As an American brand they have brought over some products that I haven’t seen on the gluten free market before.

UDI’s kindly sent me some samples to try before Christmas in this lovely box (everybody loves a present!)

Firstly I would like to share with you the first thing from the box that I have tried…Bagel Chips (Cinnamon & Sugar)


You may have already guessed form my previous blogs that I am not very adventurous with my food. I know what I like and I rarely try something new. Which is an extremely bad thing to do as a Coeliac – when you find something new that you can eat – eat it! I also have to add that I am surprisingly not a fan of American food, I mean they put bacon on pancakes!! what is that about? But I am ready and willing to be converted.

I’m not quite sure why I went for the bagel chips first, as I have never tried bagels and I assume they must be quite similar if the name is anything to go by. I have to say they are a very tasty snack! You can taste the cinnamon but it is not overwhelming and I feel this compliments the sugar nicely, however, If you are not a sweet tooth person these may not be for you. As I have said I am not an expert on this type of food so I am not sure how the texture etc. should be but I think they are great. I currently have a box sitting in my draw at work to snack on before lunch. This has given me a bit more of a boost to try the bagels.

I tend to not eat many snacks in the evening so I will be trying a lot of the UDI’s products whilst at work. I am hoping I will find a bunch of new snacks to keep my tummy happy at work!


I am looking forward to trying the Toasted Pastries (aka pop tarts) visit UDI’s to check out their range!

First Blog Post of 2014!

Hey guys,

Unlike many other Gluten Free bloggers I haven’t been blogging over the Christmas and New Year holidays. There are a few reasons for this…

Firstly, if you have seen my other posts you will know that I am not an amazing chef. I am just a normal girl that has Coeliac Disease and tries to adapt easy and tasty meals so that I can eat them! Christmas dinner is very simple – I just swapped all things with gluten in (I.E. Gravy, Yorkshire Puds, cakes, Chocolate etc.) for gluten free versions! very easy! As this is only my second Christmas as a Coeliac I did start to panic a little getting closer to Christmas on what snacks and treats I could eat; but, the amount of product out there this year was incredible. The Free From community is really expanding.

Second, I have taken photographs on a spiffing new camera and couldn’t upload them to my useless laptop. So I will be uploading them to my work computer and sharing them all with you very soon!

and Finally the most important reason I haven’t blogged would be…this little guy

IMG_2452 IMG_2476

Meet Rudi – AKA Rudi Van Desarzio

This little monster with the biggest puppy dog eyes ever has kept me very busy! I have to say that I am returning to work with bags under my eyes from lack of sleep but he is just too damn cute!

I will be posting very soon with my first UDI’s review so please do check back! I hope you have all had a very well rested Christmas/ New Year and welcome to 2014!