Complications After Diagnosis

If you have read my blog post on the process of my diagnosis you will know that I went to my local support group (Solihull), it was here that I received some advice from a fellow coeliac to ask my doctor for a blood test and a bone scan. So I did!

For more information on the complications that come along with Coeliac Disease follow this link to the NHS website.

As I have previously explained my local doctor’s is a training centre and I have found that they know very little about Coeliac Disease – which is inexcusable when you know very little yourself. When I asked for a blood test my doctor was very reluctant as I am very young and it was ‘very’ unlikely that I would have any anemia related deficiencies. Although this was the case she still sent me for a blood test which confirmed I had in fact got calcium deficiency. Although I was annoyed that I may have not been diagnosed with calcium deficiency if I hadn’t pushed for it I got there in the end and was immediately put on calcium supplements.

Calcium deficiency means that my body does not absorb what is needed from the food I am eating. Even after being diagnosed with calcium deficiency I was still refused a bone scan by 2 doctors due to my age. However I was referred to a Dietitian by my Gastroenterologist which was very helpful. My dietitian said it was a necessity that I have a bone scan and promptly organised one for me.

yep you guessed it… there were complications. The bone scan confirmed that I had Osteopenia in my spine.

Osteopenia is not as severe as Osteoporosis as it can be reversed. It was explained to me that Osteopenia means I have a low bone mass density – in plain terms my bones are more sensitive and a little weak. This can be reversed with a high calcium diet or with supplements. I am currently on Calcium carbonate and Vitamin D3 supplements. If you have Osteopenia be sure to correct the problem before it turns to Osteoporosis and is irreversible.

Remember these are only my own experiences and I am sure other people have had different experiences with the health system. It is not my aim to ‘rant’ about the problems I have experienced with my doctors but it cannot be ignored that the people who should know – don’t! I also want to put across that although I have struggled and pushed to get diagnosed and treated it has all worked out for the best. Don’t Give Up!


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