Worst eating-out experience so far!

So last night I went out to a local pub for a meal to celebrate my nieces 1st birthday. I had been there a few times before and therefore knew that there would be something on the menu for me to eat.

I think this was the worst restaurant I have been to since I have been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. I actually feel discriminated against! I will tell you the shocking story but first I will name and shame the establishment ‘St Bernards Grange’ in Birmingham – a part of All-Inns group.

Whilst there was no gluten free options on the menu, nor was there any type of dietary food symbols (apart from vegetarian) I spotted a few things that I could eat; such as steak, chicken and salad. I fancied the roast chicken but it came with gravy so I asked the waiter to check with the chef whether it was gluten free or not. When the waiter returned he explained that the chef said it wasn’t gluten free and nothing on the menu was! So I sad there – in shock that in this day and age I can go to a restaurant and not be able to eat anything on the menu. Luckily I was with…THE MOTHER! My mom works in catering and knows very well what I could have had on the menu so approached the waiter and asked to see the chef, in the meantime a lovely waitress agreed to sit down with me and look at the menu to see what I could have. After deciding on steak she went to the chef and asked if he could cook me a steak, or chicken separately.

When the waitress returned… you will never guess what. The chef refused! I understand that they would have to cautious of contamination but to flat-out refuse is ridiculous. Especially since there are vegetarian options on the menu which they would have to keep separate and away from contamination – so I know it could have been done! Also, the chef could have at any point came out to speak to me about why he had refused but of corse he didn’t.

I am livid! I feel discriminated against. How can they refuse to cook for someone who has special dietary needs? I don’t think the chef, or the staff even had a clue what gluten free actually is – I got asked if I could eat potatoes???? It should be compulsory that all people working in a food environment are educated on the different dietary needs! Ridiculous!

In the end I managed to get a piece of salmon and salad, so after all that whohar I could actually have 1 thing on the menu! Yes I am having a little rant about the lack of gluten free food but the whole meal was a nightmare. They kept the kids waiting for a long time for their puddings and then brought them out with all our dinner plates still on the table (They were still there when we left). We asked for our cake and candles to be brought out – which didn’t happen. We had to light it ourselves after waiting for half an hour.

I am so disappointed and therefore will not be going there EVER again! and neither will any of my family!




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