Gluten Free Wrap at Costa Coffee

In the run up to Awareness Week, Costa Coffee announced the launch of their brand new Gluten Free wrap! Wow! Finally somewhere we can actually pop into for a quick bite whilst out shopping! (not that I shop a lot..cough cough).

Chicken and Basil Wrap

The chicken and basil wrap has been accredited by Coeliac UK and is also dairy free. Some people might be thinking – so what? It’s just one wrap. But to us Coeliac’s it’s not just a wrap. This is the start of a gluten free revolution… or in other words, gluten free fast food. We, like everyone else deserve to go into a coffee shop, resturaunt or store and be able to eat something. This one wrap is something (and it looks really yummy).

Costa are also in the process of creating some gluten free treats to roll out in their stores. The classic cherry bakewell and chocolate brownies. I am looking forward to my next trip to costa and can not wait to try the wrap!

This is exactlty what we want Awareness Week to achieve – Gluten Free Guarentee.



2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Wrap at Costa Coffee

  1. Arthur says:

    I went to my local Costa, which I visit once or twice a week, and when I asked for a gluten free wrap, they hadn’t one telling me they had sold out, this was at 1 pm lunch time.
    Trouble is they don’t keep gluten free from others, it may say gluten free on them, but the public just buy what they see, that is why the wraps had gone, I have noticed someone buy brownies for all the kids not really reading the packets.
    Not acceptable to me, They were so busy I couldn’t get hold of the person that mattered, consequently I only had a drink.

    • It is worrying that people may not know what they are buying and therefore they run out. They possibly just need better signage maybe? Also that way more coeliacs will find out that they are selling gluten free produce!

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