Poisoned by Gluten!

I have been poisoned with Gluten!!! How? you might ask… I DON’T KNOW 😦

I woke up at 1:30am in agony and recognised the pain straight away. As I have not been in his much pain for so long I think it is even worse than it has ever been! I remembered what I needed to do to help ease the pain… Take some strong pain killers and roll into a ball with my knees into my chest.

And now, at 8:50am I am still in pain! I am having painkillers every four hours to ease it but I am so angry and annoyed! I am so careful to make sure everything I eat is Gluten Free and free from contamination. I am now using my investigation skills to find out who has poisoned me – first stop the work canteen!

I don’t think people realise the importance of Coeliac’s not eating gluten. It is extremely painful! I am actually lucky that the pains started so early in the morning which has given me the chance to have painkillers and get myself into work – otherwise I would not have been able to walk and would have lost a days pay!

OK my rant is over now!

Remember – Check your food like a hawk!


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