Bella Italia loses loyal customer to Ask Italian

So it’s pretty obvious what I am going to say at the end of this little tale but I’m going to tell you anyway!

So this weekend myself and my boyfriend Chris went shopping. As a Coeliac when you are out it can be hard finding something to eat – you can’t just pop to Gregg’s! So we got hungry and decided to go to our favourite restaurant – Bella Italia, for some lovely pasta.

When we got there I asked for a gluten free menu and was told that they are out of date but I can have any topping of pizza on a gf base and any sauce with gf pasta. I knew this wasn’t true as many of the sauces and toppings have gluten in but I always ordered the same thing anyway and knew they did a gluten free Carbonara – yum!

So when I ordered my food I was told that they now use flour in ALL creamy pasta sauces – What the hell? Aren’t restaurants suppose to be improving their gluten free choices not making fewer!

I am beyond annoyed and have to say to you Bella Italia – you have lost a very loyal customer!

So anyway, after I was told about the flour we decided to leave and go across the road to Ask Italian. I have never eaten here before so I asked if they had a GF menu and they did! Not only did they have a menu but it was an actual menu – not just a Piece of paper with GF options on it.

Of corse I ordered the Carbonara and it was actually quite nice! I am used to a certain carbonara so it was different – but still nice!

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The service was fantastic and I will definitely be going there more often.

5 stars for Ask Italian – keep up with the GF!!<


2 thoughts on “Bella Italia loses loyal customer to Ask Italian

  1. Bella Italia also lost me. When they first brought out a GF pizza I went for dinner and ordered one…I got a tasteless, burnt bit of cardboard with rubbish toppings, and the restaurant itself was quite lacking in atmosphere. When I complained about the base, I was told this was just how the gf bases were. I haven’t been back since as there are (fortunately) many nicer GF options where I live!

    • I haven’t tried their gf pizza as I’m a pasta addict! Lol but I can imagine how it was. It’s a shame that they aren’t very educated in gf cooking but it’s clear from their recent change in menu that gf customers aren’t very important to them!

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