UDI’s Bagel Chips

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about UDI’s being launched in the UK’s Tesco stores. As an American brand they have brought over some products that I haven’t seen on the gluten free market before.

UDI’s kindly sent me some samples to try before Christmas in this lovely box (everybody loves a present!)

Firstly I would like to share with you the first thing from the box that I have tried…Bagel Chips (Cinnamon & Sugar)


You may have already guessed form my previous blogs that I am not very adventurous with my food. I know what I like and I rarely try something new. Which is an extremely bad thing to do as a Coeliac – when you find something new that you can eat – eat it! I also have to add that I am surprisingly not a fan of American food, I mean they put bacon on pancakes!! what is that about? But I am ready and willing to be converted.

I’m not quite sure why I went for the bagel chips first, as I have never tried bagels and I assume they must be quite similar if the name is anything to go by. I have to say they are a very tasty snack! You can taste the cinnamon but it is not overwhelming and I feel this compliments the sugar nicely, however, If you are not a sweet tooth person these may not be for you. As I have said I am not an expert on this type of food so I am not sure how the texture etc. should be but I think they are great. I currently have a box sitting in my draw at work to snack on before lunch. This has given me a bit more of a boost to try the bagels.

I tend to not eat many snacks in the evening so I will be trying a lot of the UDI’s products whilst at work. I am hoping I will find a bunch of new snacks to keep my tummy happy at work!


I am looking forward to trying the Toasted Pastries (aka pop tarts) visit UDI’s to check out their range!


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