First Blog Post of 2014!

Hey guys,

Unlike many other Gluten Free bloggers I haven’t been blogging over the Christmas and New Year holidays. There are a few reasons for this…

Firstly, if you have seen my other posts you will know that I am not an amazing chef. I am just a normal girl that has Coeliac Disease and tries to adapt easy and tasty meals so that I can eat them! Christmas dinner is very simple – I just swapped all things with gluten in (I.E. Gravy, Yorkshire Puds, cakes, Chocolate etc.) for gluten free versions! very easy! As this is only my second Christmas as a Coeliac I did start to panic a little getting closer to Christmas on what snacks and treats I could eat; but, the amount of product out there this year was incredible. The Free From community is really expanding.

Second, I have taken photographs on a spiffing new camera and couldn’t upload them to my useless laptop. So I will be uploading them to my work computer and sharing them all with you very soon!

and Finally the most important reason I haven’t blogged would be…this little guy

IMG_2452 IMG_2476

Meet Rudi – AKA Rudi Van Desarzio

This little monster with the biggest puppy dog eyes ever has kept me very busy! I have to say that I am returning to work with bags under my eyes from lack of sleep but he is just too damn cute!

I will be posting very soon with my first UDI’s review so please do check back! I hope you have all had a very well rested Christmas/ New Year and welcome to 2014!



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