Yum Yum Get in My Tum! Salmon Pasta Salad

So it was one of those nights. I got in from work late and thought ‘what the hell am I going to have to eat’. I had bits and bobs in the cupboard but nothing that what I thought would make a meal.

…and then I had a brain wave.

First, I made myself a nice salad with some Caesar dressing.


I then cooked off some Heinz Gluten Free Pasta Penne and added it to the top of the salad
and finally, I cooked off some salmon, mashed it up and plonked it on top of the pasta.
and by George it tasted glorious! I am no professional cook – I mean I can barely call myself a cook but I do ‘cook’ the occasional bites to eat and this tasted like something straight from a restaurant, Plus it’s super easy. I work full time and don’t have hours to slave away in the kitchen so the food I eat are all about health and convenience.

You don’t have to slave away for hours to create something special!


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