My Visit to the Dietician

A few weeks ago I met with a dietician to talk about how I am coping with the life-long condition of Coeliac Disease. This is the 3rd time I have seen a dietician since being diagnosed almost 2 years ago now and it’s something I really value. I do however wish that there was more regular contact and a dietician that is contactable with any questions. Yes it is a lot to ask but what we are eating is hugely important to improving our health. For me, I eat quite a balanced diet – which is great, but, I am so concerned with what is NOT in my food (gluten, wheat etc.) that I don’t take much notice of what IS in my food. For example the amount of sugar that I am consuming. It would be sooooo very helpful to know what ‘free from’ foods aren’t as healthy as we believe them to be. Last week I was browsing some Coeliac forums and for the first time realised that some free from food contains ‘Wheat Codex’ in which some people experience an intolerance too as well as gluten. I then did a little research and realised that the bread I have been using contains it. A lot of the free from products I use are gluten and wheat free but I just didn’t even realise what I was eating. I do experience the odd twinge and would just prefer to stay completely gluten AND wheat free just to be safe. This is the kind of circumstance where a dietician would come in handy to answer some questions. Don’t you agree?

Anyway, I went to my Dietician (by ‘my’ dietician I mean a stranger I have never met before and will probably never meet again) and we had a little chat about my diet etc. I do follow a very strict gluten free diet but she decided to send me off to have needles stuck into me to see how my body was reacting to the new gluten free me. All my results came back normal – apart form my calcium count… BOOOOOO!. If you have read my previous posts you will know that I have Oesteopenia (beginning stages of Osteoporosis) in my spine. Luckily it is reversible but I need to consume high amounts of calcium to help make my bones stronger. *Wake up call* I am not having enough.

My steps to reverse Oesteopenia and get healthy bones as requested…

1. stop forgetting to Take my Calcium and Iron (ADCAL D3) Tablets twice daily
2. Eat at least 1 Yogurt Daily
3. Drink 1 pint of milk a day (OK so this one is a bit far fetched, who can afford to have a pint of milk a day? If you saw how much milk my house consumed you would understand how impossible this is!, however I will try as I love me some milkshake)
4. Weight-bearing exercises (So I am actually going to have to join that gym!)

I hope that next time I am giving you an update on my health I can say “My bones are healthy yall” – Well something along those lines.

Quicky Update – I have had no bad effects from the Fibre Flakes as of yet!


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