Fibre Flakes

This month I decided to change my monthly shopping list from the doctors (prescription). I usually get my 8 Loaves of bread (Glutafin Fresh White Loaf), 2 Packs of pizza bases (Juvela), 2 boxes of flour (Glutafin Multipurpose White Mix) and 2 boxes of pasta (Juvela spirals). So it’s not very broad in the brands that I am using but I do buy a lot of other brands in the supermarket and online. This month I decided I wanted something different and changed it up a little. Other than getting the same bread and flour I went for Pasta Shells, Pasta Spaghetti (can’t remember the brand but I will check once I am at home), Juvela Fibre Flakes, BARKAT Organic Corn Flakes and Nairn’s Porridge Oats.

Fibre Flakes

This morning I tried Juvela’s Fribre Flakes. They tasted pretty good but before I received them I noticed on a few forums that Coeliac’s have had some problems with Fibre Flakes and they have lead to severe stomach pains (which is something that Coeliacs should not had to endure anymore). They are unclear whether it is a general overload on fibre – which could happen as a lot of our gluten free alternatives are high in fibre, or it could be the actual brand.

I will keep you all updated on whether the fibre flakes have any effects on me. I hope not! I had breakfast 3 hours ago and so far so good!


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