Heinz Gluten Free Pasta Review

The best thing about food shopping is going to the tiny free from section and finding that there are new items! It can seriously cure a bad day and that is exactly what happened this weekend. There have been a few new products recently – which is amazing because you can slowly see more brands introducing gluten free food.

This week I saw and decided to buy Heinz Gluten Free Penne Pasta.
Usually I will use Juvela pasta or if I run out of that I will get Asda’s own Gluten Free Pasta. But its always exciting to try something new, so here is a tiny review on my first Heinz Gluten Free experience.

Firstly the size of the packaging was quite large, and there was a decent amount of pasta inside. Which may seem like an obvious thing to say but sometimes large brands only like to fill the bag half way. The pasta cooked really well – occasionally if gluten free pasta is cooked too quickly it can become ‘glumpy’ but this was fine. Also once cooked the pasta pieces expanded really well and I was actually quite shocked how big the pasta was! It’s like ‘real’ pasta!

Oh and I should probably tell you how it tasted. It was great. I mean I haven’t tasted any bad gluten free pasta as of yet but this pasta I really enjoyed. It didn’t seem like I was eating free from and I get kind of excited when I know I have it for lunch! So overall a big thumbs up for Heinz!

The Heinz free from range is expanding and they bringing out some really great stuff. I am excited to see where this goes and hopefully other big brands will notice and also start to do it. This can only bring great things!




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