Today’s Food Diary

For a while now I have wanted to write a little food diary post. For some reason I always seem to avoid it – most likely because I am a little embarrassed. Being gluten free can mean making a lot of meals from scratch; which can be a pain but a lot of the time is necessary and I used to do it a lot when I was first diagnosed. As time has passed and I have slipped back into the normality of trying to balance work life and personal life making quick easy food is important to me.

There are some amazing gluten free blogs with recipes and ideas for meal time – which I will try when I have my ‘lets cook something special’ days, nonetheless my daily meals can be uninteresting. But hey! this is my blog about my Coeliac experiences so I will share with you all my uninteresting food diary for today!

I always start the day with cereal. I would not survive the day without it! Today I had Whole Earth’s Organic Corn Flakes. They are naturally gluten free and taste lovely! Another perk to this cereal is that they are only £1.48 for a 375g box! As most branded gluten free cereal is around the £3 mark this is a bargain.


As I am at work today I have my packed lunch with me. Yes it does look extremely healthy but some weeks I will bring in pizza I have made the night before or a pasta bake – so I need days like this!


Firstly I have my chicken salad which includes some mixed leaves and carrots with a chicken drumstick. I will follow the salad with my juicy pear and my calcium filled yogurt. Because of my calcium deficiency and Osteopenia in my spine it is really important that I fit calcium into my diet.

You may have noticed my little bag of almond nuts. They are my literally my saving grace! As I am up early for work I start to get really hungry around 10am and would originally have to eat my lunch around 11am – which is just ridiculous! And then I discovered Almond nuts! They taste amazing, are high in vitamin E and will keep me going until lunch time.

For dinner, today I have had a BLT (on glutafin bread) and chips. Was quite nice and it filled a hole!



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