Short and Sweet – Carbonara Recipe.

Well I say recipe but what I really mean is get it out of a tub and warm it up 🙂 In my defence you still have to cook the pasta and all Coeliacs know that cooking most of your food from scratch every day can get very tedious.

You may have guessed from my previous ‘Zizzi Review’ post that I love Carbonara pasta. So I thought I would share with you one of my ‘go-to’ meals when I just can’t be bothered to cook up a feast. It takes no time at all and tastes great.

Firstly, cook your pasta. I mostly use Juvela Fusilli pasta but you can use any gluten free pasta. I love Doves Farm Organic Pasta, especially the Tricolore!

All I do is boil some water in a saucepan (add a little oil or butter so that the pasta doesn’t stick together), add in the pasta, cook for 7-10 minutes and voila!

Anyways, once you have drained the pasta place it back into the saucepan with heat on. Plop in your pasta sauce stir it round for approx. 2 minutes and it is ready to eat. The pasta sauce I use is an Asda’s own Carbonara Sauce and it look like this…


It is a really tasty dish that you can have on its own or as part of a main meal. Because it is so easy to make you can also add in any more ingredients if you fancy it.


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