Zizzi Review

Hi All!

I cannot believe that my last post was in May this year! The last few months I have been a busy busy bee as I started my a brand new internship after leaving university. So I really do apologise for being absent for so long! I have been taking photographs for potential blog posts and have never ended up posting the darn things – and unfortunately have had to delete the photographs off my phone as I had to make way for the IOS 7 download – but that is a whole other story.

Now I will stop filling your minds with babble and get down to business. On Friday I went out for a meal with my boyfriend and decided to try out Zizzi‘s gluten free range as I have heard a lot about it. Now, I am a biiiiiiiiiig Bella Italia fan – I was before I was diagnosed with CD and I still am thanks to their gluten free Carbonara – Yum! Even though I am a regular at Bella Italia, I was really excited to try Zizzi.

My first impressions were good. We were seated straight away, the staff were friendly and our drinks were brought over quickly. I had booked a table before hand and left a little message requesting a gluten free menu, even though I had done this I was still surprised when the waitress had the menu ready for me and kindly explained that cooking gluten free pasta will take approx. 15 minutes to prepare.

The food arrived around 15-20 minutes later and looked lovely. You could tell that the sauce was home-made and the chopped up pieces of ham looked great, also they use ‘Doves Farm’ gluten free pasta – which I love.


Now for the tasting… I just have to mention that this was quite a late dinner and I was famished! I picked up a big fork-full of pasta and devoured it…but it was hard 😦 Unfortunately the pasta was hard on the inside and was therefore not cooked properly.

At that moment I was weighing up my options:

1) I am so hungry I could eat actually raw pasta – but why should I?.

2) I could complain – which everyone knows British people just don’t do! plus I didn’t really want spit in my food!

In the end I ‘man-ed’ up and went over to the waitress. Putting on my innocent face and puppy dog eyes I very politely apologised and explained that my pasta wasn’t cooked. She also apologised and took it over to the chef – along with my boyfriends food so that we could eat together (which he wasn’t to please about, haha!) So after that we waited another 15 minutes and my food arrived perfectly cooked. It tasted good and I am sure that if the first dish would have turned out like this I might have liked it even more. Unfortunately my boyfriend Chris had a different issue. Once his food had been brought back all of the top of dish was burnt. This time we felt we couldn’t send this back so it was a major fail on Zizzi‘s part.

Overall I have to say that in regards to the food; I most definitely prefer Bella Italia. Having said that the customer service at Zizzi was fantastic. Myself and my boyfriend both got a free drink for our troubles – which was nice. Although the customer service at Zizzi was great, we didn’t have the best of nights and it will probably stop us from visiting Zizzi again in the future.

I would love to hear about your experiences with Zizzi. Should I give them another chance?


4 thoughts on “Zizzi Review

  1. I also had a slightly disappointing experience at Zizzi. Firstly I didn’t feel there was a lot of choice for coeliacs, and secondly once my meal (pasta n’duja) arrived, I wasn’t able to actually eat any because it was so incredibly hot! Even my boyfriend who loves hot/spicy food could barely stomach it. The taste of it was not so great even without the spice, and tbh I felt I could have made something better at home.The service was fine but didn’t really make up for it. I have had such better experiences eating at Carluccio’s or even Pizza Express so I probably won’t bother with Zizzi again either!

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