Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza!

So last week I was hungry, tired and just couldn’t be bothered to dig through my cupboards and find something to cook. Now for people that can eat whatever they want there is a simple solution. They can pop out to a local drive through fast food place such as McDonald’s or KFC or even order in a takeaway. For us coeliacs it’s not that simple. It’s near impossible to order a takeaway and know that it is 100% gluten free and out of contamination.

So I heard that Domino’s had made a gluten free pizza and thought it was about time I have it a try!

It was so easy to do. I went to their website entered my postcode and had a look at the menus. To order a gluten free base you have to customise your pizza. It’s only available in a small but that’s just enough for me. You can choose whatever toppings you like but it is rather expensive and even though they have a lot of good deals none of them usually apply to small pizzas!

Anyway I chose cheese, ham and pepperoni. Paid for it online and watched the online update of the cooking process of my pizza. I was so excited! I was watching out the window waiting for this angelic pizza to arrive and it seemed like it took forever! Well if an hour is forever then it was forever.

This is what arrived…


As my boyfriend ordered a none gluten free pizza I was relieved that I could tell which one was which.

And here it is…


It doesn’t look too pretty but I ate it so quickly I didn’t pause very long to admire the taste. It was nice to eat a pizza with a big crust and the toppings didn’t all slide off like the horrible frozen pizza you get.

If I had to describe the pizza in one word it would be nice. I’ve had better. I have to compare it to Pizza Huts gluten free pizza as its the only other one I have tried and it was amazing!

All in all it’s great process that Dominos have done this and it’s nice to order a takeaway every now and then. I will definitely be doing it again when I’m feeling lazy!


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