Hospital Update

Ok so I’m thinking I may have to change the name of this site to ‘my hospital experiences’ as it seems I am there way too often! If you read my last post you will know that yesterday I was made an emergency appointment with an Orthopaedic Consultant as I am having some shoulder issues.

So it turns out Coeliac Disease wants to give me some more time in hospitals! – Damn it! I will be having an MRI scan on my shoulders and physiotherapy for quite a while strengthen my ligaments and muscles surrounding my bones.

So as a recap this is in the last year my coeliac related problems
– Osteopenia
– Calcium Deficiency
– Iron Deficiency
– Weak joints and regular dislocation
– Weight loss

It may not seem too bad! And looking at it on paper definitely makes it seem a little better, but its the complications that come along with all these things that can affect your mental state and personal life. These complications include the many hospital visits for tests and scans, dietician visits, more tests, visits to the doctors every month for medication and food prescriptions, having to take medication every day, now also doing physiotherapy every day, severe back pain, tiredness, muscle weakness … And so on!

The reason I am telling you all this depressing stuff is for the simple reason that people need to know that Coeliac Disease is not just watching what you eat. It is a life long condition that effects many aspects of your life! People need to be educated and people with Coeliac should know that there are other people going through the same thing!

That is all I can say at the moment as I am of to another doctors appointment! Oh the joy!


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