My Latest Coeliac Related Problems

Hey everyone!

Ok so I’ve been a little awol lately, I would love to give a big explanation but I may as well face facts – I’m just lazy and haven’t really had a lot to write about.

So I just wanted to give you a little update on my health situation as a result of having Coeliac Disease. As Coeliac has kindly given me Calcium and Iron deficiency and Osteopenia, I have been having some joint and bone problems lately. I suffer with severe back problems; aches and pains, and most recently joints slightly ‘popping’ in and out – Gross!

So yesterday I spent a few hours in A+E after my shoulder didn’t want to go back into it’s socket. After a few X-Rays I was told that it had gone back into place and although it didn’t completely dislocate, it was slightly sliding in and out! The nurses were a little concerned that I wasn’t under an Orthopaedic consultant as I have Osteopenia and regularly have joint problems, so they have made me an emergency appointment within the fracture clinic (No idea why the fracture clinic, or who I am seeing).

I seem to be spending most of my time lately either in the doctors surgery or a hospital – Sucks! It is for this reason there are certain things I let slide such as my joint problems, otherwise I will never be at home.

I would advise anyone with Coeliac, especially those newly diagnosed to write down any problems they are having that may be a result of having the disease – otherwise it most likely won’t be mentioned by a doctor or specialist.

In other news…. since starting my gluten free diet I have been weighing myself every few months to see what this diet is doing to my body. The last time I weighed myself was early August (2012) and I was 8st 12. At that time I notice I had lost half a stone since starting my diet a few months earlier but I wasn’t too worried. Today I weighed myself again… I am now 7st 6!!! That means in 3 months I have lost another stone and a half going from a UK size 10 to a size 6. With the gluten free diet I eat so healthily and make sure I am eating everything my body needs but I am struggling to find gluten free food with high calories!

I just hope in a few more months I don’t lose anymore otherwise there will be nothing left to me! Even more worryingly my lovely new clothes don’t fit me!

If anyone has some advice on how to gain some extra pounds while on a gluten free diet please let me know. I don’t want to have to make more appointments with my dietician or doctors as I need to work to pay for the ridiculously priced gluten free food!


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