Make Your Own Gluten Free Super Noodles!

Firstly, I have to apologise for not posting over the past few days. the great British weather decided to attack my immune system – or in other words I had a cold! But now I am bug free and ready to tell you all about my super noodles revelation.

so I have previously explained that I miss my chicken super noodles, they are so easy and convenient to cook as a snack or with a main meal that it is my aim to find a gluten free version. There are a couple of Thai spicy noodles out there but nothing similar to super noodles and I can’t wait around for Bachelors, so I came up with a solution:).

Everytime I am out shopping I’ll ingredient ingredients on all the super noodles mostly looking for sachets that didn’t contains any gluten. Last week I found some! Asda’s very own chicken noodles contain gluten but the sachet is gluten free – score, and they are only 11p.

Also while I was at the gluten free food fair I purchased some thin rice noodles with the intention of creating my own super noodles so these came in handy!


I boiled the noodles, added the sachet and voila! My very own gluten free super noodles.

It’s important to add that even though the sachet didn’t contain any gluten ingredients, it was still made in a factory that handles gluten. So if you suffer severely and not mild it may not be a good idea for you to try this, or if you do don’t have it too often.

Here is the result…



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