Gluten Free Food Fair – yummy!

So… I went to the Solihull gluten free food fair last Saturday and wanted to tell you a little about it. It seemed to be a big success, lots of people turned up, plenty of stalls and good conversation! Over the next few blog posts I will tell you about a few of the purchases I made from small local businesses – once I have rummaged my way through it all!

So my first post has to be about the product I have indulging in the last few days – chocolate cupcakes 🙂

Now I am not someone that has a sweet tooth. I would rather enjoy a good hearty meal than a big chocolate cake, but there is only one word to describe these chocolate cupcakes and that is yummy!


The chocolate and icing just melts in your mouth and I just can’t say enough good things about it. The cupcakes are made from a local company called slice of heaven cakery. You can check out their gallery and prices on their website

I am already counting down the 4 months until my birthday so I order myself a lovely birthday cake!


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