Fast Food Recipe – Chicken and Rice

I don’t know about anyone else but I always seem to have to plan out every meal and it always seems to take forever to cook! Here is a little ‘recipe’, well it’s not really a recipe because most of the ingredients are already cooked.

Ingredients Needed:

– Fresh Onion
– Savoury Chicken Flavoured Rice
– Ready Cooked Sliced Chicken Breast
– Butter/ Margarine

First step is to slice some onion into a saucepan. The amount of onion used is completely up to you but this is the amount that I use…

Insert into the pan a spoonful (table or tea depending on your taste) butter and heat on full power.

whilst the butter is melting place your rice into the microwave for 2 minutes. The rice you use is completely up to you, it doesn’t have to be a named brand or super expensive these are two examples of the ones I use.

Once the butter or margarine has melted in the pan add some sliced chicken. Ready cooked chicken breast can be purchased from all major supermarkets and they don’t have to be the most expensive brand.

again the amount you add is up to you but this is what I use..

stir the chicken around the pan to soak up the taste of the butter and onions. As we are using ready cooked chicken we are only now heating it up. By the time the rice is finished in the microwave (2mins) the chicken will be heated and bronzed a little.

I love this meal, it’s so quick to cook and taste delicious!


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