First blog post and first mission!

My first mission is a selfish one….

I love pasta! I regularly make gluten free pasta bakes but they just don’t satisfy my graving for… Pasta ‘n’ Sauce (Bachelors). This was my one addiction before being diagnosed, I would easily consume 4-5 packets a week! yes it is excessive and luckily I am one of those people who doesn’t seem to put on weight, but I need it back in my life!

This is why my first mission was to contact Bachelors and try to convince them to provide a gluten free range. This is my first letter to them, I will keep you informed of their response…

Dear Bachelors

My name is Sarah and I am a former lover of the Bachelors brand. Five months ago I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and I am no longer allowed to eat your products such as Pasta ‘n’ Sauce and Noodles. I am from Birmingham, UK and you no doubt must have noticed a decrease in your sales in this area as I consumed at least 4-5 packets of Pasta ‘n’ Sauce a week, and on the occasions I didn’t I would be eating your chicken flavour noodles.

I am emailing to suggest a few ways of improving and expanding on your target audience. By not supplying a gluten free alternative to your products you are missing out on a huge cliental. The number of people being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease is rising each year and this is not reflected by the gluten free food products that are on the shelves.

I understand that creating a gluten free range can have its complications or ‘hassle’s’ but I would like you to know that there is currently no super noodles or pasta ‘n’ sauce options for Coeliacs. This means that if you were to make a gluten free range you would be the only brand currently supplying to the mass gluten free consumer.

I also understand that as a successful business you will be worried of the expenditure of creating gluten free foods. I would like to inform you that rice noodles and egg noodles are naturally gluten free and therefore you would not need to create your very own special noodles but just the sauce. Also gluten free pasta does not taste any different to normal pasta which means that it would not change the quality of your product. However you would have to ensure that your sauces are made gluten free.

The major supermarkets in the UK (Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco, Morrison’s etc) all have free from sections in their stores so there would be no problems for you in getting these products into supermarkets. Gluten free food is all placed together in a little isle, this would also been that your product would be visible to all Coeliac’s and is likely to be the most recognisable brand there.

I am aware that I cannot just email a big successful company asking for gluten free alternatives and expect to get them but I hope you can see the advantage it will give you as a business and help you reach a forgotten market consumer with products that are currently non-existent.

I hope that you consider this proposal as for my own selfish reasons I miss my Bachelors fix!

Many Thanks


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