Advice for the Newly Diagnosed

The advice I am about to give is for the newly diagnosed. This is a piece of advice that was given to me and made a huge difference and yet it is very simple.

Firstly If you sign up as a member of CoeliacUK you will receive a small handy book that includes foods you can and cannot eat, products in specific supermarkets that are gluten free and advertisements from gluten free food companies. It is a lifesaver!

If you are newly diagnosed you will have to start from scratch in finding foods that you enjoy and the different makes of gluten free food that you like. This is the advice that saved me a lot of time and money! Go through your handy CoeliacUK booklet and contact all the gluten free food companies explaining you are newly diagnosed and ask for some samples. Most of these companies are happy to do this and it is the cheapest way to find what brands you love.

Before I received my samples I read a lot of reviews of products and it seemed that finding edible bread was the biggest challenge and from my samples I found one to suit me! Everyone is different with different likes and dislikes so I am not saying that Glutafin’s fresh white loaf is the best – but it is my favourite and in my opinion has the closest resemblance to ‘normal’ bread.


If anyone has some advice they would like to share please leave a comment. I am sure there are Coeliacs out there just waiting to share their wisdom and every little bit can help!


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